3 Reasons to Visit the Kyaiktiyo Pagoda

Located 180km towards Southern of Yangon metropolis in Myanmar, Kyaiktiyo Pagoda or Golden Rock is always regarded as one of sacred attractions that any devout Burmese people or even travelers should visit once in a lifetime. So, why anyone cannot miss out on coming to this pagoda? Our post will surely help you to find out.

1. Its spiritual symbolism is stronger than its physical features

Day by day, the Kyaiktiyo Pagoda - a enormous golden rock which is under a tiny pagoda owns the height of total 5.5 m and defies gravity thanks to a Buddha’s hair. No matter if you are Christian, Muslim, atheist or agnostic, you also have the right to whether believe myths or not. The point here is that the holy land for Buddhists does exist. So divine is the symbolism that myriads of not only Burmese citizens but also foreigners come there every year to be capable of feeling closer to Buddha by only touching hand to this scared rock.

2. Admiring breathtaking scenes of sunrise - sunset

How great it would be when spending your leisure time waiting for the romantic scenery of sunrise and listening to the pagoda wake up in a peaceful atmosphere. In addition, the golden rock also shines in all its glamour during the sunset. That is the reason why a  trip  to  this pagoda will  not  be completed  without  an afternoon  admiring the sun gradually dyes  the  sky by rainbow’s colors.

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3. An ideal destination for hiking

Normally, the bulk of people have a tendency for going to the top of Mount Kyaiktiyo by bus from the village situated at its bottom in order to save their energy and time. However, if you are a loyal fan of breathtaking adventures, there is also alternative way for you having sense of hiking. 16km walking on foot up to the top which takes approximately 4 hours will certainly let you experience hard-to-forget moments.

Of course, regardless of exhausted feeling from your hiking trip, you easily have a chance to meet so many pilgrims who are hiking on barefoot along the way. Noticeably, passing by small villages whose inhabitants earn a living by offering water, food and souvenirs to these pilgrims will refresh your mood.

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