Things to Do in Mekong Delta in 3 days

Go to Floating Markets
If you have only 3 days to explore Mekong Delta, then you will have to pay a visit to one of the most popular signatures in Mekong Delta - floating market.
Once arrived at the area, you will see a similar bustling scene like other markets in Vietnam. However, you will soon realize that all of the shops are floated on Mekong River and the only vehicle is rustic bamboo boat. There are thousands of boats full of people and goods of all types including tropical fruits, vegetables, flowers, local specialties, pets, foods and drinks. An easy-to-realize thing is that most of the shops here have to hang signs on their boats so customers can know what they’re selling. A trip to floating market will offer you the chance to extend your knowledge of the simple life of people in Mekong Delta as well as the strangely close-knit relationship among members in the family. Furthermore, you can discover a diverse culinary culture here by tasting some local specialties on bamboo-boat-shops and grab some coconut whenever you are thirsty.

Discover Mekong Delta Waterways
Another essential thing to see for 3 days is the unique waterways of Mekong Delta. Mekong River is divided into a lot of branches when flowing through Vietnam, which creates a ridiculously interlaced system of rivers and canals that you will not see often in your country. Although the boat trip does not waste so much time, you will have a chance to learn more about this region, especially the life of local people. Cruising deeply into Mekong Delta allows you to see the real houses of the locals, their simple jobs to earn a living and their activities to relax.
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See Tropical fruit gardens
Mekong Delta is widely famous for the best tropical fruits in Vietnam. Therefore, a trip to see these huge gardens will be really interesting. You will have a chance to come to a local fruit garden, meet the owners and taste the freshest fruits in their garden.
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Cruise on Mekong River
If you have only 3 days in this peaceful area, you should not skip Mekong River cruises to enjoy a spectacular scenic trip  and luxurious services from outstanding names such as Jahan crusise, Jayavarman cruise, Mekong princess etc. This is another good chance for you to understand more about Mekong Delta culture and history.
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