Things to Do in 2 Days in Mandalay, Myanmar

The best time to visit the former capital of Myanmar – Mandalay is from January to March when the weather is cool and less chance of raining. Here are things to see and do in Mandalay for your 2-day itinerary.

Day 1: Discover the Best of Mandalay

The 4 not – to – be – missed sites in Mandalay are Mahamuni Pagoda, U Bein bridge, Sagaing hill and the former capital of Inwa. These attractions can be reached by taxi. If you travel in group, the price can be negotiated to 50 USD for a ride from morning until noon.

Mahamuni Pagoda

Built in 1784, Mahamuni pagoda contains a gigantic golden statue taken from Mark U, Raskhine state. The image is said to be one of 5 likenesses of Buddha (2 in India, other 2 in paradise and 1 in Mahamuni paya), having the weight of 5 tons with the height of 4m. The image has the thick layer of gold leaf in the body for people apply it to pay respect to the Buddha, but only men devotees can do it according to the strict rules of Burmese Buddhism. Moreover, you will have a chance to witness the daily washing ritual practiced by the senior monk. 

U Bein Bridge – The Perfect Spot to Watch Burmese’s Sunrise

In 1800, U Bein bridge was constructed with thousands of teak planks and 1,086 pillars crossing the shallow lake Taungthaman. It is not only the longest teak bridge in the world with the length of 1,2km but also the perfect spot to catch the miracle sunrise and sunset of Myanmar. What is more wonderful than to enjoy the most inspiring moment of the day than in the tranquil atmosphere of U Bein Bridge.

Sagaing Hill – The Home of Burmese Gods

20km to the Southwest of Mandalay lies the magnificent Sagaing hill which is called “the home of Burmese gods”. To get to the peak, tourists will have to climb 1km of stairs among the greenery forest. When reach to the top, the panorama of the site appears in the most impressive way with the elegant Irrawaddy river running at the foot of the hill and hundreds of white and gold temples and monasteries dotted all over the verdant area.

Inwa – The Forgotten Capital of Burma

Situated in the meeting point of the Ayeyarwaddy, the famous river for Luxury Myanmar River Cruises and Myitnge river, Inwa – the ancient capital of Burma immerses in the quiet and peaceful atmosphere. The only way to get to this area is by boat, 1USD for a return trip. When you arrive in Inwa, horse cart will be your main means of transport running between the highlights such as the Bagaya Kyang monatery, Shwedigon pagoda and Nanmyin tower. Each horse cart can carry 3 people which cost only 8 dollars for a ride.

Mandalay Royal Palace

The Mandalay citadel is an enclosed architecture surrounded by walls and motes which creates an impressive view from the outside. Hence, most of the constructions inside were rebuilt after the destruction of the WW II. You can spend sometimes strolling around the complex and enjoy the majestic buildings of the long gone era.

Day 2: Overwhelmed by the beauty of Mingun’s vestiges

How to Get There

There are 2 ways to get to Mingun: by boat and by motorbike. Travelling by motorbike will take a lot of time and effort. Boat, on the other hand, is recommended for the comfort and less – time consuming. Furthermore, you will have a great view over the riverbanks and their monuments from the craft. Boat to Mingun usually sets sail at 9a.m and returns at 1p.m. The journey takes 1 hour to arrive in Mingun. If you want to spend more time exploring the heritages, you can charter a boat for a higher price.

When in Mingun, ox-cart will take you around the sites for 5 dollars.

Mingun Pahtodawgyi

Visible from the bank of the Irrawaddy river is the enormous but unfinished monument of Mingun – Mingun Pahtodawgyi. It was meant to be the biggest red brick Buddhist building in the world if finished with the expected height of 150m. In 1838, a big earthquake hit the place destroying a part of the site.  Mingun Pahtodawgyi now still attracts a lot of tourists coming to admire its magnificent look and also the huge crack in the surface.

Mingun Bell

Not far from the Pahtodawgyi pagoda is the second biggest bell in the world – Mingun Bell. It has the weight of 90 tons casting for Myatheindan pagoda but never been used.  

Hsinbyume Temple

The all - white temple – Hsinbyume is another must seen heritage in Mingun. It has the unique design which is different from almost Buddhist constructions in Myanmar with 7 waving terraces representing for 7 mountains surrounded the holy mountain Meru (a sacred symbol in Buddhism). In the entrance stand 2 Chinthe statues (half lion, half dragon) which are known as the guardians of the river.

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