The Paradise Islands in Vietnam

 Hai Tac Islands, Kien Giang

Hai Tac - Pirate Island in Kien Giang is considered a strange destination right from the name. This is actually the name of an archipelago of 16 islands, the largest of which is Hon Tre Island (Hon Doc), located in Tien Hai Commune, Ha Tien District. It is located near the coast of Ha Tien 28 km and Phu Quoc island 40 km.

From the name, visitors can imagine the past time on the island. Because in the Gulf of Ha Tien - Rach Gia to the Gulf of Thailand, an important trade route from China to Western countries, so many centuries ago, the archipelago is the ideal place to pirates. Until the early 20th century, in this sea of pirates still raging. Today, in addition to curiosity from the name, people also come to the island to explore a rare wild beauty.

On the island there is a beautiful white sand beach stretching several hundred meters, you can bathe comfortably, play games on the beach self-sufficient, or rent scuba diving glasses to see coral near the shore, snorkel around the cliffs.

Much of the island is covered by forest, where salt water is surrounded by rocky and unspoiled rocks. Here, in addition to being explored and heard by indigenous people telling stories of origin, the origin of the name of the pirate islands, you will have the opportunity to experience the natural landscape with pristine, cool, sweet and fresh beauty.

Thanh An Island, Ho Chi Minh City

About 70 km east of Ho Chi Minh City, Thanh An island commune is completely separated from Can Gio and Ho Chi Minh City. It is an ideal destination for those who enjoy simple rustic life on water. You can take a day trip to visit it.

Come here, visitors will discover a sea of unspoilt, peaceful, warmly welcomed by the gentle, hospitable fishermen and enjoy a variety of specialties with bold flavor of the sea.

Thanh An Island has an area of about 131 km² with about 5,000 inhabitants, considered as the key gateway of Saigon - Gia Dinh in the past, between two big rivers: Thi Vai River and Long Tau River. This is also the logistical area of the 10th Sacrificial Fleet in the old days. Due to the geographic return, the life here is extremely difficult. The poor people in the island still earn their living by fishing, salt making and taking care of the forest.

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