Discover Sepilok Nature Resort in Malaysia

In Malaysian, Urang means Man, Utan is Forest. This orangutan is one of the pride of conservation effort for a long time.

The northern part of Borneo (Malaysia) is famous for orangutan, but there are many worthy things to spend a day to more cherish nature.

The reserve is located in the jungle. But do not worry, there will be car to the mouth of the forest Kabili-Sepilok. Tis place does not entertain guests like the zoo in the city you often know. Take more than 25 km from Sandakan (state of Sabah, Malaysia, about 45 minutes by bus), or more than 5 hours from Kota Kinabalu (state capital of Sabah). Then you will walk a few dozen minutes to arrive. This journey is worth it if you want to know the paradise of Borneo.

The place to see orangutan

Nature lovers are no stranger to the rule: If you want to see the forest including the original ecosystem, you must spend your time and respect. Do not rush if you choose to go to a peaceful place like this.

You will first visit Orangutan Conservation Area. This is one of Malaysia's pride for conservation efforts for a long time.

Sepilok takes responsibility of guarding, rescuing, caring for and preserving this valuable breed when illegal hunting and exporting increasing.

In order to preserve the natural habitat, for decades (since 1964), Sepilok has encircled the forest, setting up protective belts around to allow orangutan to run freely. At present, about 100 baby orangutans are under special care. Healthy individuals are in contact with visitors. Many baby orangutans are born and grown safely in their homes.

Orangutan is an intelligent animal. Seeing them healthy, happy running, swinging rope, passing branches, making funny moves is the most alive reality of the wonders of nature. The reserve has many research papers, many of the materials developed in the library and display gallery.
Watch the “children” of green forest sleeping

Sunbear Bear Sanctuary is also a place where you can choose a chair to sit quietly to watch the "children" innocently sleeping. The bear is in the category of endangered species, hunted daily in tropical forests. But here they are absolutely safe.

Stand with the range of birds

For those who love tropical birds to enjoy the tranquility or enjoy the best pictures, Sepilok has a suspension bridge over the trees ancient trees. This place is quiet, filled with light, lots of birds. This is a great place, ideal for seeing Wallace eagle nesting, Hornbill bird eating fruit, countless Sunbirds sucking nectar.

If you stay overnight in Sepilok, start a night trip to see the giant squirrel, many owls, weasels, loris ...

Believe me, you are at the same range of birds, in the middle of where they nest and sing the most free song.

Why is Sepilok important to the jungle system?

No one calls Sepilok an ecotourism site, nor does anyone consider it a zoo, park or bird park that calls this a sanctuary. This is the true home of wild animals where they were born or was rescued and brought home, where orangutan, sunbears... are guaranteed all rights of the homeowner.

This is a sustainable conservation model for preserving the survival of the Earth's ecosystem.

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