Best Places to Eating Red Jellyfish in Hanoi

It’s the time for red jellyfish season in Hanoi, let’s quickly go to the famous jellyfish restaurants to enjoy this sophisticated dish.

Red jellyfish - a picky delicacy play the land of Ha Thanh

Red jellyfish is a popular dish in Hanoi, but originated from Hai Phong. Red jellyfish is not tasteless so the auxiliary materials bring soul to the food. Eat red jellyfish, you can not lack pure shrimp paste, lemon juice, drop into a few pieces of red pepper; yellow tofu, coconut and herbs like coriander, perilla, marjoram.

The jellyfish leg is crispy, while the body is tender and juicy. Eating jellyfish needs to be in style. First, choose the largest perilla to make the cover. Then lay the jujube, jellyfish, tofu, coconut one by one. When all are full, skillfully wrap the leaves around and then add into shrimp sauce. Jellyfish is as fresh as jelly with salty smell of mangrove and the scent kumquat, tofu, smell of charcoal, coconut, salty taste of shrimp sauce, lemon and chili sauce.

Red jellyfish are not available year-round but seasonal. In March, when it starts to hot, there are jellyfish, which last until about June, July, but not continuously.

Famous sites with red jellyfish in Hanoi:

-  O Quan Chuong  area, No. 70 Hang Chieu, in the street of Dong Xuan Market or Thanh Ha Lane, cost about 30,000 VND (1.2 USD)/ plate.

- Ba Ngu, 1 Le Van Huu. Jellyfish in this restaurant is famous for fresh and delicious taste. A red jellyfish serving for two people often costs about 50,000 VND (2 USD).

- The jellyfish on Duong Thanh road, many people like to eat the No. 16 Duong Thanh.

- The restaurant ay the crossroads of Hang Than, turn to Pham Hong Thai and Nguyen Khac Nhu.

- Alley 105 Dinh Dong Street, Bach Mai Street.

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