Summer Paradise Beaches on Nam Du Island

Being naturally favored 21 islands, Nam Du Archipelago, a Maldives of Vietnam Nam, has strongly attracted its tourists with charming beaches and magical sea world.

As a part of 2 communes, namely An Son and Nam Du, the farthest archipelago of Kien Hai district, and 80 km to the west of Rach Gia City, Nam Du remains unspoiled. It includes 21 islands, of which 11 ones are inhabited.

An ideal time to explore the “breath-taking” beauty of Nam Du is from the end of December to the end of May. During this time, the islands are very pristine with soft white sand and fresh sea air. Therefore, you definitely deeply fall in love with this amazing island right away.To get there from Ho Chi Minh city, you might get on a high-quality coach to Rach Gia ferry, then, board a ship to the island. It might take you 2 hours to reach the destination.

A weekend holiday (2 days 1 nights) is long enough to discover the beauty of Nam Du.

Noticeably, you have to travel islands to islands by ship. Therefore, travelers should travel in groups of 8 to 12 to cut down the expense. To the fully explore the pristine islands, moreover, you should sleep in tents. Thus, traveling in groups will help you save a big portion of money.

There are numerous “must-explore” islands in Nam Du, namely, Hon Ngang, Hon Mau, Hai Bo Dap, and Bai Cay Men. Interestingly, you certainly travel by the ship of the locals such as anh (Mr) Phong Vu Nam Du and anh Bay Nam Du.

Hon Mau (Mau Island) offers 5 charming beaches, especially Chuong beach. In addition, Nom beach, Da Den beach and Da Trang beach are definitely worth mentioning because of their romantic and poetic beauty. Bai Nam (Nam beach), the front of the island, is “calm” all year round and surrounded by rows of green coconut trees.

Among these 5 charming beaches, Da Den is the most famous one because it offers numerous “unique” stones of different colors and patterns. Get there, you definitely immerse yourself into the pristine blue water, or even, leisurely lie on the untouched and romantic sand.

Most of the beaches in Nam Du are shoal, so you just need to walk to shore. Bear in mind, you should wear sandals in case sharp stones or rocky holes approaches you.

Surrounded by rows beautiful coconut trees, Hai Bo Dap is suitable for camping for lunch, playing and swimming.

Hon Dau is also a “must – visit” destination with "Hawaiian Coconut" lying down to the sea. After a long journey of discovering the islands, Bai Men is certainly the ideal resting and relaxing place where you can immerse yourself in cool water to enjoy the peace of your mind and the amazing nature.

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