Suggestion of 3-Day Itinerary to Phu Quoc Island

It’s quite a private stuff, but we’re still going to ask you when did you and your « crush » last travel together to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the urban life? There isn’t the shortage of beautiful tourist attractions for a summer cruise in Vietnam, but for the good reason of the top best beaches in the world, we would recommend the stunning Phu Quoc Island for you to consider. It promises to satisfy you and your partner right you set foot in here.

Under the pressure of stuff of life, particularly concerns and worries, you and your other ‘half » might not spend much time with each other. Temporarily set aside these things, you both should take advantage of summer vacation to stay together and tighten your love.  Phu Quoc must be an ideal destination that you might consider.

Day 1 : Begin the journey to Phu Quoc Island

There a variety of destinations in Phu Quoc Island that you might visit, but for the reason of ideal spot for couples, we would suggest  Phu  Quoc Sol Beach House Resort. It promises to be a reliable place to « warm up » your « long-lasting » love. Currently, has a super combo priced at only 200$ per person including round-trip tickets (Ho Chi Minh- Phu Quoc) and 2- night accommodation at Big Beach House room.

After landing at Phu Quoc International Airport, you will be picked you up to Sol Beach House hotel, located right at Truong Beach, south of Phu Quoc and 8 minutes of driving from Duong Dong town.
After completing check-in procedure, you can saunter around the resort to enjoy the charming scenery. The design of the car is very similar to the tropical gardens, in which you certainly stroll along winding roads amid the cool air and fresh sea breezes. Near the lake, there are huts made from bamboo and » Bali » beds that provide tourists with private space for relaxation.

Finishing exploring the resort, you should take the stunning beach a visit. Get there, you definitely immerse yourself in smooth white sand stretching a large area, engage in meditation, yoga right on the beach, or even do surfing as adventurous experience. Even, if you want to be « lazy », you could lie down leisurely on colorful hammocks.

In the late afternoon, both of you could a famous sea view bar in Phu Quoc, named Rory's Beach located in an alley 118/10  on Tran Hung Dao Street. Finding a seat in this bar, you can enjoy the sunset. Noticeably, in the evening, the bar is sparkling and twinkling with pretty light bulbs. Amid such romantic atmosphere, it ‘s ideal to enjoy dinner and watch interesting recreational performances.

Day 2 : Thien Vien Truc Lam (Truc Lam meditation center, so- called Ho Quoc Pagoda) – Phu Quoc Prison – Coral diving – Dinh Cau Temple– Phu Quoc night market

Situated in Suoi Lon Hamlet, Duong To Commune, Truc Lam Meditation Center, so-called Ho Quoc Pagoda is one of the most sacred spiritual pagodas in Phu Quoc. The Meditation Center is featured by the whole wooden architecture and the altar of « Duc Ong » (the God worshiped by the people in the North of Vietnam) – a typical spiritual manner of the North. Standing at the pagoda, you can hold a panoramic view of the bustling port and the charming Cay Da Beach.

On the way back to Nguyen Van Cu Street, you can stop at Ong Thuong Cape to take nice pictures and do sightseeing.  You should make full use of your time to capture all the moments and places that you experienced. Traveling along Nguyen Van Cu  Street, you will Phu Quoc prison built at the Second Indochina War. Visiting this place, you have a chance to learn the life of Vietnamese soldiers detained and tortured on the island.

Going straight ahead from Phu Quoc prison, you will get to the busy AnThoi port. To engage in coral diving activities, you have to tickets fluctuated from 14$ to 15$. In this pearls Island of Vietnam, corals are usually concentrated in the south of the island, particularly in, Hon Thom, Hon Roi, Hon Ham, Hon Dau, etc.  It must be a big regret if you do not participate in this interesting activities. Imagining, you can directly « touch » the colorful coral reefs at the seabed which you only see on TV. How amazing!

In the afternoon, you both must hand-in-hand take a visit Dinh Cau Temple, the symbol and hottest attraction of the island.  It is an odd-shaped natural formation in Phu Quoc Island, in which the fishermen pray to before heading out to the open sea. Located just next to Duong Dong Fishing Habor, it features a brightly-coloured lighthouse and Buddhist shrine, making it a popular spot for photography among travelers.

Dinh Cau Temple was constructed in 1937 to commemorate Thien Hau (the goddess of the sea), whom the locals believe in providing protection for fishermen heading out to the open sea. There are 29 winding steps to reach this temple’s rooftop terrace, where you can hold panoramic sunset views of Dinh Cau Beach, traditional fishing boats, Duong Dong Town, and neighboring islets.

In the evening, you can wander around the town to enjoy the daily life of the local residents. You must utter « wow » because of the peaceful life that is totally different from the bustle and hustle of the urban life. You also should visit Duong Dong Market, the largest market and the famous night market in Phu Quoc (at Zone 1, Duong Dong town) to enjoy fresh seafood and buy some specialties as gifts for friends and families.

Day 3: Ngoc Hien pearl farm – Phu Quoc Vinpearl Land Park – Sim Son wine shop

Phu Quoc pearl has been famous for its natural beauty, elegance, and nobility. Among well-known pearl farms, the name Ngoc Hien deserves to be mentioned. This pearl shop has captured the eyes of visitors to visit and observe. Most importantly, it is a meaningful gift for your other half for the reasons that it is the souvenir of your trip that you both take together and, later on, a pretty present that you did choose by yourself. 

During your exploration, Phu Quoc Vinpearl Land Park is also a « must-try » destination. Get there, you can freely take part in various funny entertaining activities that promise to make you burst out laugh, or even, laugh till cry.

On the way back, you both might drop by Son Sim Wine shop (at Group 1, Cua Lap Hamlet, Duong To Commune) to learn the process of processing the special wine made from a local fruit named  « sim ». It’s also a speciality of Phu Quoc, too. Thanks to this memorable trip to Phu Quoc, you and your « buddy » do not only have a chance to relax and capture photos together, but also add a new « taste » for your love. The schedule is available at any time, let’s give it a try.

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