Bai Tho Mountain - Discover Halong City on the Top

Bai Tho Mountain is definitely an attractive destination for those who love discovering Ha Long in a different way.

Halong has been familiar to tourists with Halong Bay, the world natural heritage, the white and sandy beaches and the chains of fresh seafood restaurants. However, not many of them haven’t made a visit to the exhilarating Bai Tho mountain, a beautiful landscape that promises to offer a panoramic view of the spectacular sky and sea of the North East. Therefore, this amazing destination surely satisfies those who wish to explore the beauty of nature.

Being a majestic limestone mountain with the height of more 200 meters, Bai Tho mountain is located in the heart of Ha Long city. It has special geological tectonics: a half of the mountain is connected to the mainland while the other is soaked in sea water.

Not only a beautiful landscape, Bai Tho mountain is also a unique historical and cultural site. Long Tien Temple, which is located on the cliff, is the famous sacred temple of the city. Tourists should come here to burn incense and enjoy the quiet atmosphere before beginning their journey to the mountain.

To reach the peak of the mountain, you have to go along a “steep” trail with steps, even, cling to the cliff to move. Moreover, it’s quite hard to find the entrance to the foot of the mountain because it is just a small alley lurking between rows of sprouting houses.

The higher you climb up to, the smaller and dimmer the city is.

Following the footsteps of visitors are herds of the goats that are grazed freely. If you're lucky, you'll probably see monkeys calling each other on cliffs.

After an hour of climbing, you will reach this amazing destination. Then, you definitely approach to the flag of Vietnam at the nearest distance. That sacred flag has fluttered at Bai Tho mountain peak since the Vietnam-France wartime when a miner bravely made his way up the mountain to raise the flag to call for the struggling spirit of the mine workers at that time.

Lying at the peak of the mountain is a stone stele that carves the history of the mountain: "This mountain peak, thousands of years ago, was an important border guard in the North East of the country. At night, the guards burned the signal lights, directed the boatmen to dock, shot signal fire to the capital when there was an enemy. They used to call Doi Den (Transmission) "...

You certainly hold a half view of Ha Long bay from this position. In 1468, King Le (Le Thanh Tong) did write a poem on the cliff, then, it was named “Bai Tho” (“poem”). Additionally, there are poems of other visitors here, King Trinh (Trinh Cuong) for instance.

Standing at the peak of the mountain, you definitely observe the whole city, from small boats floating on the sea to houses built closely to the foot of the bay.

The image of flocks of birds hovering over the bay at dusk probably engraves a majestic, peaceful and poetic beauty.

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