Top 6 Best Places to Visit in Binh Dinh

Beautiful scene, delicious specialties, cheap cost, friendly people … are the main reason why visitors to Binh Dinh are increasingly crowded.

1. Ghenh Rang

Located about 3 km south-east of Quy Nhon City, Ghenh Rang is one of the most beautiful spots in Binh Dinh Province. Ghenh Rang attracts tourists with its unique poetic space of spectacular sea and mountains with Thi Nhan hill, Hoang Hau beach, Vong Phu island, Tien Sa beach ... and also the emotional story of poet Han Mac Tu.

2. Trung Luong Tourist Area

The most innovative of the Trung Luong picnic area is the playground and camping with green and red huts or colourful chairs with a view to the sea. The sunshine, the green grass, the large limestone around and the fresh air blowing from a peaceful land will ensure that you just want to stop here for hours. From the picnic area, follow the beautiful paved road to the Trung Luong beach - a specialty that can not be missed if you come to Binh Dinh. The sea water is so blue and peaceful. Beach stretches to the horizon with smooth sand. As you walk along this path, you will surely be attracted by the countless large rocks with many strange shapes around.

3. Ong Nui Pagoda

Located in a beautiful position between Nui Ba mountain range and Trung Luong beach with stretching white sand, the unique feature of the pagoda is the prime location which is very good in feng shui, especially the pagoda has a stream flowing through. According to the ancient explanation, Ong Nui means a man wearing a bark coat. In 1967, Ong Nui Pagoda was totally damaged by bombs, and it was reconstructed in 1990 thanks to the contributions of Ong Nui Pagoda’s followers. In the near future, Ong Pagoda promises to be a spiritual tourist destination for many domestic and foreign tourists.

4. Vi Rong Cape (Dragon’s Oar Cae)

According to legend, the former Vi Rong Cape was a massif, like the oar’s carp, also known as "Dragon’s Oar Rock" by local people. From a distance, Vi Rong Cape appears to be a rock reaching out to the sea. In the middle of the rocky mountain is a cave across the sea. Rocky mountains and sea waves make the Vi Rong Cape a beautiful landscape. Come here, you can sit on the rocks watching the mountains, the sea and bubbling waves, looming far away are the boats of fishermen creating a majestic natural picture.

5. Go Gang Conical Hat Market

Go Gang Market is a unique market, because from 3 am, the market begins to be crowded. Hundreds of people from surrounding areas gather with sound of the sellers and buyers. People recognize each other by the oil lamps, the candles in the wind. The long-time traders here said, "The market has become familiar, no one is afraid of darkness. There are many poor women farmers in the region coming to the market. The hats sold in the market were made by the women in their leisure time. "

6. Hoai Chau Sea-grass Mat Village

Long ago, hundreds of households in Hoai Chau Bac commune, Hoai Nhon district have still attached to planting and doing sea grass mat, the village is considered the largest scale in the Central in this career. Each year the people produce three seagrass season. Depending on the cultivated area, the landowners rent from a few people to dozens of laborers to harvest for about 150,000 VND (6 USD) per day. On sunny days, the laneways in the village of Hoai Chau North is just like a picture with colourful mats exposed under sunlight.

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