Top 4 Unique Cafes in Sapa, Vietnam

Sapa has never been unattractive to tourists, so just update the petite lovely cafes with beautiful view to for the upcoming trip.

Whoever you go with or just travel alone, Sapa is always well worth the trip at least once in your lifetime. There are many reasons for that, especially this year Sapa is even more appealing and attractive.

In the cold weather, it might be snowy in Sapa, making people from all over the country flow to the town to enjoy falling white snow. Moreover, many new beautiful villas and home-stay are recommended like a special phenomenon in the social medias . To have more fun in Sapa, you can sip a cup of coffee in a high view point, enjoy the landscape of mountain, villages, terraced rice fields in the distance and let the hustle and bustle in the heart go. Where could be the right place for that relaxing moment? Here is a quick note of 4 old and new cafes for your upcoming trip!

Gem Valley

Almost always the first mentioned when talking about the cafe in Sapa, Gem Valley is very famous among both domestic and international tourists. Located about 2km from the center at the entrance gate of Cat Cat Village, Gem Valley is easy to find.

Outside the shop, everyone falls in love at first sight with a frame covered with climbing flowers everywhere. The colour of old brick and wood makes the Gem Valley looks rustic, cosy and very mountainous. Inside the cafe is a small exhibition space with paintings of a Hanoian painter; you can enjoy art and learn the story behind if you like. At the balcony, you will find very nice wooden tables for you to sit with a cup of coffee and looking down the whole valley of Cat Cat. The impressive Fansipan Mountain is a little bit further.

Viet Emotion Sapa

Viet Emotion is a cafe located on Cau May Street. It's easy to recognize Viet Emotion by pots of green plants and hanging baskets of lovely flowers outside on the blue paint of the wall.
Inside the Viet Emotion cafe is a very cosy space with wall and decorative items in hot colours. The colorful lanterns are hung here are not only very beautiful, but also one of the features of the shop compared to other places.

Fansipan Terrace Cafe

Fansipan Terrace has an airy outdoor space with very nice view. The cafe is located on the Fansipan road, about 700m from the cathedral and fairly easy to find. In Fansipan Terrace, furniture and tables are simply arranged; the balcony is covered with lots of flower pots next to each other to create an airy and quiet space for the guests. Actually, this cafe space is only a part of Fansipan Terrace, because this is also a lovely and comfortable homestay, attracting many tourists.

The Hill Station

One more cafe with a cosy and relaxing space in Sapa! The cafe has 2 floors, built of wood and stone, neatly furnished in Western style. The round and square tables are design simply with a rose flower vase, which is incredibly beautiful. The Hill is not very large but its space makes guests feel enough – many people admitted that they come here to enjoy the cosy space of the cafe, not really for tasty drinks or snack.

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