Chicken Divination – An Exotic Marriage Custom in Myanmar

Myanmar is a beautiful, unique and interesting country. Traveling to Myanmar, you will go from surprise to surprise, and on the journey back from Myanmar you will not forget the image of this majestic land of heaven, and the smile of Thanaka, the image of the long neck girls, the red-caped young monks begging alms in the street ... a lot of emotions, feelings, emotions when traveling here. Especially, if visitors know about the marriage ceremony in Myanmar, it would be harder to forget about the uniqueness of the traditional customs and people of this sacred land. Chicken divination is the custom of the Burmese kum, they often use roosters to foretell a marriage. People use chickens to tell the fortune of their children, their brothers, and sisters. Previously, if the fortune-telling interpretation is bad, the wedding would not be successful. These days, it is largely dependent on the decision of the parents of the two families, if the parents of the girl agree then the wedding will be held.

Like the wedding ceremonies in many other places, weddings in Myanmar are also subject to the following basic rituals: First, the man's family asks the village chief and the matchmaker to propose marriage, often take place before dawn shines. In their opinion, choose this point of time because if the proposal fails, it will not affect the relationship of two families and the neighbors will not know. When the boy's family proposes marriage and the girl's family agrees, they will find a good day to hold the wedding. On the morning of the wedding ceremony, their family uses chicken bones to tell the fortune of them again, to see luck for the couple, tell their fortune after getting married. Usually, one time of fortune telling is enough, the second divination results would be the same.

At the wedding, the bride and groom often sit together and eat the plate together. When the wedding party ends, the bride is taken to the bridegroom's house by her friends. When coming to the bridegroom's house, the bride and her friends must perform the pounding action (however symbolic), pounding the rice and the bride must carry water to fill in a jar, for the rest part, the groom will also bear the burden. Before that, when coming to the bride's home, the groom must also do a symbolic work. That day, after the bride finishes the rice wine and sleeps at the groom house, the next day she will return to her parents' home. According to the custom of the Cho ethnic group, after the wedding, the groom and bride are not allowed to sleep together, they have to live apart from half a month to a month. In the day, both the bride and groom are separated to work in the family, and in the evening, they return to their houses to sleep. After a period of 15 days, they begin to be pronounced living together, beginning their married life and having children giving birth. Usually, for this ethnic group, they will have two marriages in life. The first time when they are young, they get married once and after having a third, fourth, or fifth or sixth child they will get married again for the second time.

Today the marriage custom of the Myanmar is somewhat milder, but the people here still strictly perform the ritual and customs on. Burmese people are famous for retaining ancient cultural values, traditional beauty from a long time. The marriage custom of chicken divination is also among those customs. It is this uniqueness that has made the cultural beauty of people here.

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