What to Enjoy and Buy in Phan Thiet, Vietnam

Phi Long Sand Painting

Besides the specialties from the sea, in recent years visitors to Phan Thiet also enjoy the product from sand paintings of Phi Long Sand Painting Co., Ltd.

Located in a small alley on the way to Mui Ne, Phi Long sand painting workshop is a place to display art products from dozens of natural sand types. Especially, these sand paintings are created by young people with disabilities.

Dragon fruit

Not by chance Binh Thuan in general and Phan Thiet in particular is dubbed the "the kingdom of dragon fruit ". With an area of up to hundreds of thousands of hectares, Binh Thuan is home to the largest dragon fruit production in the country with the best quality of this unique fruit. Therefore, it is not too difficult to find this cool fruit in Binh Thuan land eventhough it’s on the highway, the roadside bar, the market or the fruit stalls ... visitors can easily see the unique fruit of this sunny and windy land, what is more meaningful when bringing them as gifts for relatives and friends.

Especially, Phan Thiet dragon fruit has two types: white dragon fruit and red dragon fruit. If the white dragon fruit is extremely delicious with sour and sweet taste and thin shell, the red dragon fruit is slightly sweet aromatic.

Re cake

The cake originated in Phan Rang, Ninh Thuan but today is one of the most popular specialty dishes in Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan. This is a traditional business of families, concentrated in the inner city, so each place produces a variety of taste and smell.

The fried golden cake, chewing crispy, sweet and fat, along with the aroma of sesame, sweet potato, cassava ... makes your taste melted. Visitors can buy the cakes in most specialty restaurants in Phan Thiet, or the street vendors in the tourist sites or traditional village and Phan Thiet market.

Fish sauce

Phan Thiet fish sauce is one of the most famous brands of fish sauce in Vietnam with high protein and passionate flavor. Phan Thiet fish sauce is made from fresh anchovies freshly caught from the sea, then the people remove the fish which are not fresh, too big or too small. They only keep fresh fish of appropriate size. To get the delicious sauce, people need to have their own recipes, each stage requires high technical and the workmanship of fish sauce.

You can visit the traditional fish sauce villages in the following wards: Thanh Hai, Phu Hai, Ham Tien, Mui Ne to buy fish sauce.

Cha ca Phan Thiet 

There are many kinds of sea fish that can be used to make this dish. However, for Phan Thiet people, to have delicious and strong flavour, they usually only use mackerel, bottle fish, termites… to make cha ca Phan Thiet. There are two kinds of the dish: fried and steamed cha ca. Deep fried fish is fragrant, delicious and fat. Steamed cha ca is sweet with unforgettable featured flavor.

In addition to Phan Thiet market, visitors can enjoy the dish or buy it as gift for relatives and friends on the streets of Kim Dong, Tuyen Quang, Tran Hung Dao, Thu Khoa Huan ...

Milk rice cake

Not only the Re cake, banh com hoc - Milk rice cake is also the typical gift of Phan Thiet. It is not only a familiar gift in Lunar New Year but also the gift that many people looking for when they have opportunity to Phan Thiet. As a popular specialty, you can buy it in most specialty shops, markets in Phan Thiet. If you want to see the process of making this cake, you can visit the Phan Thiet specialty shops on Trung Trac street.

Dried seafood

Like other beaches, Phan Thiet is also famous for its variety of fresh and dried seafood.

Come to Phan Thiet, tourists can buy as dry gifts such as dry yellow fish, dried squid, dried shrimp and many other products. If you do not want to buy the unprocessed, you can buy the type of processed ready-made sweet as sour squid, sweet and sour fish...

Muc mot nang – “dried-in-one-sunny-day" squid

This is one of the specialties of Phan Thiet, often bought as gifts. Squid are caught by the fishermen after being sun-dried for a day, then packaged and chilled thoroughly.

Unlike fresh squid, it has a higher sweetness without loss of quality and flavor. Therefore, it is processed into a variety of dishes, especially roasted with chili and salt.

You can easily buy it as a gift in the coastal fishing villages of Mui Ne, Phan Thiet market as well as shops selling seafood specialties.

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