What to Buy in Sapa


Brocade is sold all over the tourist spots in Sapa, but if you do not pay attention, you will buy textiles or Chinese goods. Handmade brocade of ethnic people is often slightly rough, slightly dark, but not as smooth as textiles, the color is mixed in harmony. Therefore, you should consider carefully before buying a brocade as a gift.

Sapa mushrooms

When the early rains begin to fall, it is also the time Sapa in the mushroom season. Sapa mushrooms are sweet, light fragrance. So, if you travel to Sapa in this season, you should choose some string of mushrooms to cook the dishes and treat the whole family or as gifts for relatives. If possible, you can buy fresh mushrooms of ethnic people to bring home. If you are far away, you should carry dried mushrooms for easy storage and transportation during your trip.

Mushrooms are delicious and have high nutritional value. Sapa wild mushrooms are light, very fragrant and delicious and hence, you should pay attention to buy the right one. Sapa Market and the surrounding area are ideal places to buy this specialty.

Dried beef 

This dish was originally made by the Black Thai ethnic people to store food for the rainy season or long jungle trips. The loaves of lean meat are cut longitudinally, marinated with spices and wild leaves and then hung on the bamboo shelf above the stove. Buffalo meat is taken down after 8 months to a year. Long time and smoke makes the buffalo meat smell a bit weird but the taste is so great. Each piece of meat is fragrant, making those who enjoy it hard to forget.

Buffalo meat is sold at the Sapa market, prices are about VND 800,000-1,000,000 (USD 32-40)/kg depending on the quality. However, to buy quality buffalo meat of ethnic people, you should buy in villages in Sapa such as Cat Cat, Ta Phin, Ta Van, Lao Chai ...

Docynia indica wine/ San Lung wine

There are two famous wines in Sapa: Docynia indica wine and San Lung, which are made from fruits and wild leaves by the ethnic people. Docynia indica wine is very delicious with special fragrance and taste. Shan Lung wine is made from a secret recipe of the Red Dao.

Therefore, when leaving Sapa after the trip, do not forget to buy these two as gifts. You can buy the Docynia indica wine at Sapa market. With San Lung wine, you can go to San Lung village in Ban Xooc, Bat Xat, to enjoy and buy a bottle of fine wine.

Muong Khuong chili sauce

This specialty is made by ethnic minorities in Muong Khuong district - Lao Cai province, from the fresh chili which has a distinct flavor compared to the chilli of other regions. Muong Khuong chilli sauce is made from high quality chilli with garlic, cumin seeds, coriander seeds, cardamom seeds, cinnamon, salt, wine and water at a secret traditional recipe, so the flavour is very distinctive and famous everywhere. If you travel to Sapa without bringing this kind of chili sauce as a gift, it is a mistake. And you can buy Muong Khuong chili sauce at specialty shops and Sapa market for about VND 35-40,000 (USD 1.4 – 2) / bottle. Maybe you are interested: Sapa Tours

Pyrus granulosa / Docynia indica fruit

September is the beginning of the Pyrus granulosa (Sapa pear) and Docynia indica fruit season. The Pyrus granulosa  is slightly sour, cool and small, not as nice as the ones imported from China, about 25,000 VND  (USD 1)/ kg.

Speaking of Sapa, people always mention the Sapa Docynia indica fruit. However, Sapa forest does not have much natural Docynia indica area anymore. It is very few in Hoang Lien National Park and are harvested very early by the Mong people so the quality is not high. Most of Docynia indica fruit in Sapa is now taken from Van Chan or Mu Cang Chai in Yen Bai province. The quality of fruit in these two regions is considered better than Sapa. When buying Docynia indica fruit you should choose yellow ones with a slight aroma. The ripe Docynia indica fruit is very good for making vinegar or soaking with wine.

You can buy these fruits at Sapa Market and the stalls near the church.

Plum, peach

Sapa plum is quite big green fruit. When ripe it turns to yellow colour. Plums are sweet, not sour, are planted pretty much in O Quy Ho area and around the town of Sapa. Sapa plum season is in May, of the same season with Sapa peach, the price also varies year by year, from VND 20,000-30,000 / kg, even VND 50,000 (USD 2)/kg.

The ethnic minority in Sapa Often put the peaches into the bamboo basket and sell along the road near Sapa church for about VND 30,000-40,000 (USD 1.4 – 1.6) / basket, approximately 3kg.

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