What should you buy as souvenirs to bring home from Vietnam?

No matter where you travel to, you would like to buy some "souvenirs" from visited places to gift to your family members, your friends and for yourself. Apart from the joy of discovering a new culture, taking photos and tasting the exotic flavors of Vietnam, shopping might bring you more opportunities to get in touch with local habits.
 According to some tourists who have traveled to Vietnam, choosing something to buy is really tough. From Hanoi to Hoi An and down to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam’s diverse markets each offer a distinct experience. You will be amazed at some of the crazy, wondrous and exotic delights. Some products are unique but some are not. This is the reason why this article would like to point out some special things of Vietnam that you should consider first in term of "touchable memories" to bring home from Vietnam.

1/ Ao dai (traditional costume of Vietnam)

Ao Dai festival in Vietnam
Since the 18th century, the ao dai has been Vietnam’s national costume. It’s a tight-fitted long dress worn over long pants. The usual way to acquire an ao dai would be to pick the fabric first. Usually, there are two different colors, one for the long dress itself and a second contrasting color for the trousers worn underneath. The Ao Dai costs about $30-$40 for a plain finished product.

2/Non la (Conical hat)

Vietnamese Hat - Non La
This is a symbol of Vietnam and can be seen on drums as old as 3000 years. The non la is more than an indispensable tool for people in Vietnam: it has become a cultural symbol. The style varies by region. For example, those of the Tay people have a distinct color, while in Thanh Hoa they use only a 20-hem frame while Hue’s is thin and elegant. Vietnamese wear this hat all year. The shape protects the wearer from the downpours of the rainy season like an umbrella and provides shade and protection from the heat during April and May when temperatures climb to unbearable levels.

3/ Silk

The beautiful colours of a Vietnamese silk shop.
Silk is woven from the cocoons of the silkworm. Thus, it has always been considered extremely luxurious and only available to the nobility. In the past, silk was only manufactured for Vietnamese royalty but now the fabric has become widely used throughout the country. Silk in Vietnam is made on traditional hand looms. You can find beautiful patterns, different colors, and sizes. Even if you can buy silk anywhere in Vietnam but one of the best places is Hoi An city, silk village Van Phuc (near Hanoi).

4/ Coffee

Cup of Vietnamese coffee, so thick the spoon could stand straight up..
Vietnamese coffee is famous for Robusta beans, which provide stronger taste than the Arabica beans. Furthermore, the unique way that Vietnamese people prepare the coffee makes it become a good souvenir to buy in Vietnam. Apart from buying the coffee beans, you need to buy special tools to prepare it in right way.

5/Lacquer ware

Workers at a lacquer ware workshop near Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
In essence, lacquer is a natural plastic; it is remarkably resistant to water, acid, and, to a certain extent, heat. High-quality lacquer products go through 20 stages of development and can be used to craft dishes, bowls, vases, and more in beautiful colors and intricate designs. The one that is very special is lacquer paintings – sơn mài.

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