3 New Tea Houses in Hanoi for Winter

During cool weather, visiting a small tea house, warming your hand in a delicate cup of hot tea will make you love with Hanoi winter more.

Thuong Tra (Enjoying Tea) – the old and rustic teahouse

This is an address for those who are the true followers of tea because everything here shows the picky and sophisticated of both owner and guests, from service, quiet space, complete tea sets and each cup of tea which is carefully selected.

True to its name – Thuong Tra (Enjoying Tea) - guests coming here will not just drinnk tea, but also enjoy a style of enjoying tea, which is very old, very Vietnamese and sophisticated. Traditional teas are considered good with clear taste. Simple side food like some pieces of green bean cake, sugar-coated lotus seeds, dried logan ... - like the od times – is extremely appropriate when enjoying with hot tea which is kept warm by a fire at the table.

The tea house has an ideal location, right in the center, near the office building, so it’s also the address for people in the area coming at noon when they look for some carefree minutes. This teahouse is located in a dormitory on Tong Dan Street – the location itself brings the bold feeling of an ancient Hanoi that little teahouse can have.

Rewind Tea House - English-style teahouse on the bank of Sword Lake 

Rewind is a brand new teahouse in Hanoi, opened a few months ago, located in the most beautiful location - the Hang Khay street, overlooking the banks of Hoan Kiem Lake. Especially after walking streets broadened, the street is even more crowded and favored.

Pursuing the English-style, the teahouse is designed and decorated luxuriously, bringing the European aristocracy style with white wooden floors, white furniture and white fireplace. The most special feature: Rewind has a small balcony on the terrace, where you can catch sun and wind in the first days of cool winter, this place is very popular among teenagers and hence it is often full.

Tea and cakes are sold by set or retail but the most popular is the picky set of tea and cake in standards of British afternoon tea party, meeting the requirements of the most demanding guests. Especially the teahouse uses clotted cream for processing that is very rare among teahouses in Vietnam. Recently, Rewind is decorated in cozy Noel style and has served several tea and cake set only during the Christmas season.

However, due to the location in the Old Quarter, the area of the teahouse is no wider than the teahouse in the surrounding area, prices are also quite expensive. Parking is also a pretty intractable problem.

Cup of Tea – a garden teahouse

This is not a new name to the people who love tea in Hanoi but the location is almost-lesser known because it recently moved to a new location a few days ago. Although many patrons still nostalgic for the small tea shop in the sunny courtyard in a very quiet street corner, however, the new location of the Cup of Tea has many advantages.

The new teahouse is located at Nguyen Khang Street, a new street along the To Lich River. It overlooks the road so it’s more crowded than the old one. The new design style is also more uniform and more modern. Because the owner wants to keep the garden space which makes the characteristic of Cup of Tea, he spend 120 m² on the terrace to create a garden, like a hanging garden in the heart of the city. However, due to the short time, the trees are not green enough as designed.

Menu of tea, drinks and pastries are remain the same. It is famous for unique pastries, which are carefully processed, and lots of hot tea, iced tea, sweet tea or bitter tea that is very appropriate. In cool weather of early winter days, there’s nothing more wonderful  than sitting on the airy terrace and sipping a hot cup of tea with friends.

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