The Fairy Land on Ta Pa

From the top of Ta Pa, you will admire the surprisingly beautiful natural picture harmoniously combined with the beauty of the mountains, the lakes, rivers and of the vast rice fields. Ta Pa Hill also opens a poetic, mysterious space attracting the people who are interested in exploring, experiencing and fall in love with nature. In the mellow spring weather, a trip to Ta Pa Hill will be one of the greatest suggestions!
The Fairy Land on Ta Pa
The Fairy Land on Ta Pa
Ta Pa is a small hill in Nui To commune, Tri Ton district, An Giang province and is one of the famous hills creating That Son – the combination of the seven legendary hills in the districts of Tri Ton and Tinh Bien.

Along the road leading to the hill of Ta Pa, you can see the pristine landscape with unique charms appearing in each “photo”. On Ta Pa hill, there is a small temple built by Khmer ethnic. This temple is rather ancient, majestic and serene with the flow of time and in harmony with the quiet, peaceful space. Stopping at the temple, you will feel the moment of purity and peace in your mind.

Setting foot on the top of Ta Pa, you will also be stunned by the beauty of charming, poetic and romantic nature. The dreamily beautiful scenery here also evokes the imagination of the magic of the Creator, and visitors seem to touch the fairy setting of the fairy tales.

Ta Pa Peak also owns a lake of emerald green water reflected by the trees in the lakeside cliffs and the blue sky with white clouds floating like a magic mirror. Ta Pa lake is also the convergence of other colors such as a sweet little blue, green, orange and bright yellow color. The clear lake allows you to watch the cute little fish swimming around, a few branches of lush moss and aquatic life.

You will delightedly capture in your eyes the collection of beautiful images from the green rice fields in Ta Pa, the idyllic houses, the diligent little people in the field, the green coconut trees dotted a few places and the unique winding roads. Moreover, you can also look to at distance for a panoramic view covering the whole town of Tri Ton with walls close to each other forming a crowded and bustling town.

In the different seasons of the year, the scene on top of Ta Pa will also change over time, changes in accordance with the unique colors of the rice fields. There is time when the space is covered by the green of young rice or the yellow of ripen rice shines everywhere like a fabric carpet woven from thousands, millions of rice. These colors alternate over the years, alternate through each plot of land creating a charming picture which makes almost everyone having an opportunity to see it not help being surprised.

Ta Pa is also shimmeringly beautiful in the early morning and in the sunset, the night sky dotted with bright stars. Ta Pa always makes tourists interested and springs up in them special emotion by the beauty of the nature. Although Ta Pa is not majestic hill as the rolling hills in the hilly region of northern Vietnam, Ta Pa easily captivates everyone with the typical natural countryside of the region of South West Vietnam.

Coming to An Giang, you can not only visit Ta Pa Lake, but you can also conquer Co To mountain, which will make your trip more interesting. Looked down the valley from the mountain, Ta Pa valley fields appear beautifully. Especially, in the season of ripening grain, the yellow of vast rice spreads dotted by green trees create a harmonious combination of charm.

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