Things to See in Myanmar to Learn about Burmese Culture

Being used to be fairly separated from the outer world, Myanmar has now been much more open and tourism-friendly than ever. Improved infrastructure helps not only local citizens but also tourists get access to necessary conveniences that were once lacking such as mobile phones, internet access and ATMs. Moreover, the freedom of media and other means of information delivery, including sensitive topics like politics, also clear up the previously restricted environment used to hinder tourists’ experiences in this country. 

Besides these remarkable improvements, other strengths that make Myanmar become a great place for visitors still remain. There are incredibly large numbers of appealing attractions and activities in this South East Asian country that make listing all of them is impossible. In order to help tourists enjoy the trip with ease, this site will make a list of prominent things to do and see that can be missed.

Puppet Show

Firstly, it is highly suggested that one go catch a puppet show in the second-largest city of Mandalay. As one of many Myanmar’s ancient arts, these lovely puppets will make audiences highly self-entertained in an imaginary colorful and magical world in which they never be before. Another show to watch should be some of traditional sports such as chinlone. 

Involving teams of six players playing with a woven care ball and keeping it in the air as long as possible, this sport is something in which most of visitors will probably get interested in quickly. Additionally, people keen on Muay Thai will also love its local version of Burmese boxing, which is entertaining to enjoy for even common audiences.


There are not only enjoyable shows but also a number of appealing attractions to see in this country, from natural scene to artificial constructions. The Shwedagon pagoda should be the first priority once you are in Yangon.

One can also enjoy a small cruise in the Irrawaddy River, which spreads throughout the country and provides tourists with a fairly complete image of Myanmar’s beautiful rural life. Another must-see attraction should be the world’s biggest book at the foot of Mandalay Hill. The Kuthodaw Inscription Shrines is comprised of 729 stone slabs inscribed with all of the Buddhist scriptures housed within its own tiny white shrine to form the book.


When one is done with just watching and wants to directly get involve, it is suggested to join the crowds at a Burmese festival, which features food, music, dance and many other interesting things. Other options are Armanda Pagoda Festival in January/ February, Pindaya Festival and Maha Thingyan in March and Thihoshin Pagoda Festival in June/July. In addition, Buddhism enthusiasts seeking to enhance their knowledge in the religion may visit Yangon’s Mahasi Sasana Yeik Tha Meditation Centre. At the place, visitors can learn about the rituals and take part in the real monastery life.

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