Two Campsites near Hanoi for Families

With spacious, airy space and comfortable services such as renting tents, sleeping bags, Son Tinh Camp and Ecopark are gradually becoming campsites which are preferred by many people.

Two Campsites near Hanoi for Families

Son Tinh Camp

Son Tinh Camp is a peninsula with three sides bordering Dong Mo Lake, located in an area of 40 hectares, with fruit forests interspersed with primary forest, about 40 km from the center of Hanoi to the west.

This is a picnic campsite combined with team building activities (activities that help improve the efficiency of the team). Some of the common fun activities are: exploring Dong Mo, Tarzan swinging the forest, the secret of ghost stilt house ... or campfire party with loved ones.
Two Campsites near Hanoi for Families

The rental cost of VIP family camp (up to 3 people) is 400,000 including a bedroom, living room overlooking the lake, private toilet and blankets, sheets, pillows, cushions. You can hire fireplace for 150,000 VND.

Other services here include: Adventure games (climbing wall), Zipline sliding, uninterrupted games for children in the woods, pontoon boat, fishing boat, boat tours ...

Road instruction: Go straight Tran Duy Hung road, Thang Long Avenue to Hoa Lac Bridge. Then, across the bridge about 7 km (do not turn to the road to Son Tay), then turn right when you see the red sight of “Lang van hoa cac dan toc Viet Nam” (The tourism and culture village of Vietnamese ethnic minority groups). To the gate, you go straight through the orange bridge, turn left at the junction. After that, you go along that road, do not turn to anywhere, go to the end of the asphalt to the entrance to the dirt road You will see the sight “Sontinh Camp”, go through the forest about 1.5 km and you will reach Son Tinh Camp.
Two Campsites near Hanoi for Families

Ecopark campsite

This is an ecological urban area with fresh air and beautiful and tranquil natural scenery. In addition to the system of flower gardens with strcetching lawns, rows of ancient trees, the stilt house systems characterized highland peoples... this place will bring an interestingly strange feeling to visitors of all ages to experience the feeling of gathering around the fire, enjoy grilled corn, cassava, sweet potato... in the atmosphere of the northwest.Vietnam.

You can rent a tent for 80,000 VND/ an hour. The rental cost of a stilt house with mats and sleeping bags is 450,000 dong/ a night. You can rent a stilt house with mats, table, chair, corn, baked potato in 4 hours during the day with 2 million VND.
Two Campsites near Hanoi for Families

Other services here include: bicycle rental, basic service package of Clubhouse (pool, Jacuzzi, Sauna, Gym), Kolorado playground, park rental, outdoor BBQ with the scale of over 50 people, Karaoke systems...

Coming to Ecopark camp is an opportunity for you to visit and experience some neighboring destinations such as Bat Trang pottery village, Nom Temple, Sung Phuc Monastery, Dong Du guava village, the flower villages of Xuan Quan, Phung Cong, Chu Dong Tu- Tien Dung Temple...
Two Campsites near Hanoi for Families

Road instruction: If traveling by personal vehicle, you can follow two directions. The first one is the Ring Road 3 to Thanh Tri bridge, then turn right to Hanoi - Hung Yen intercity road and go about 4.2 km more to Ecopark. Total travel time is approximately 30 minutes. The second direction is go along Vinh Tuy or Chuong Duong Bridges. Crossing the bridge, you go along Bat Trang embankment, to the foot of Thanh Tri, tủn to intercity road of Hanoi - Hung Yen about 4.2 km and you will reach Ecopark. Depending on the starting point, it will take about 40-45 minutes to move.

Buses run continuously from Hanoi to Ecopark and vice versa Ecopark are available, so you can easily come to urban areas and totally free. You can also take bus 47A Long Bien - Bat Trang with a ticket price of 7,000 VND/ time.

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