The Great Tourist Destinations in Vietnam in January, 2016

Sa Pa - destination for couples

Sapa has long attracted foreign and domestic visitors by the spectacular and dreamy natural scenery. In the first days of the year, visitors will enjoy the cherry blossoms bloom in town. In January, this place his can be considered as one of the ideal dating places for couples in love, or a honeymoon location for newlyweds.
The Great Tourist Destinations in Vietnam in January, 2016
Sapa is an ideal places for couple in love or in honeymoon
In January, the cable car system of the highest altitude in the world will be inaugurated in Sapa. It is the highest, longest and most complex cable car system in the world. With an operating speed of 8m/ s, you can shorten the time to conquer Fansipan Mountain, just 15 minutes, and adore great views of the beautiful town nestled between mountains.

The Great Tourist Destinations in Vietnam in January, 2016
The cable car system in Sapa will be inaugurated in January, 2016
Dalat colorful with Cherry-like apricot blossoms

Dubbed the City of Eternal Spring, Dalat always proudly flaunted at any given time during the year. If you come here in November to see the bright yellow colour of wild sunflowers, in December to adore the pristine pure white of the immense white mustard hill, in January, Dalat attracts flower lovers, tourists who are interested in exploring with tender pink of the cherry- apricot blossoms in the mountain town.
The Great Tourist Destinations in Vietnam in January, 2016
You can see the symbol flower of Japan in Dalat in January
Cherry blossom is known as the symbol flower of the land of the rising sun; however, you do not have to come to Japan to admire this flower. Just around mid-January, the highland city of Dalat attracts tourists by pink color of the cherry- like apricot trees along the roadsides. Apricot cherry blossoms often bloom simultaneously, from foot to top of the tree with dense clusters of flower making the city as being put on a pink shirt enchanting any visitors to Dalat.

Nothing seems to be more wonderful than walking along the road from Dalat to Cau Dat in the fresh, cool air, daydreaming watching the cherry blossoms blooming and dyeing the picturesque space pink.

The Great Tourist Destinations in Vietnam in January, 2016
The roadsides are full of cherry- like apricot trees
You will also feel the lively, busy atmosphere preparing for Tet of people here, admire the immense green tea hills, running long headline set, feel the cold frostbitten in the mornings and smell the flavour of delicious hot soy milk on Tang Bat Ho street. Love Valley, Xuan Huong Lake, Bao Dai Palace ... are the destinations which seemed to be too familiar, but still attracts many tourists from afar.

Tan Quy Dong flower village (Sa Dec)

Sa Dec flower village is located on the territory of Tan Quy Dong commune, Sa Dec city, Dong Thap province. When swallow flies signaling that spring has arrived, it's time when Sa Dec flower village associations. Trains, cars crowdedly flock. Kinds of flowers, ornamental blooming are delivered to Ho Chi Minh City and other provinces to bloom, showing colours in the traditional New Year's Day of the country.
The Great Tourist Destinations in Vietnam in January, 2016
Tan Quy Dong village is one of the flower sources of the South
This is one of the flower and decorative plant central of the South, and is a destination for tourists in the days of January. The days near Lunar New Year, flowers begin to bloom. You will experience the atmosphere in which the whole village to prepares harvesting, transporting flowers to the regions. You will feel that you welcome Tet holiday before people elsewhere, immersed in the vast flower fields. The people are very friendly and enthusiastic, so it is the reason why many young people who love flowers invite each other to take commemorative photos in the village.
The flower village attracts many young people to come to take photos

The Great Tourist Destinations in Vietnam in January, 2016

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