The Most Beautiful Moments on Cam Son Lake

Visiting Cam Son Lake (Luc Ngan, Bac Giang province), Many people have argued that when is the lake is most beautiful. Some tourists are interested in the morning on the tranquil lake, some adore the afternoon with falling flowers while some people prefer the night, row dug-out canoe fishing in a thousand stars.

The early morning on Cam Son
Im the morning, Cam Son Lake water is blue like Halong Bay in miniature. The more you go, the more small islands and three-dimensional space you will catch in your eyes. In this place, it is an island full of green trees, in the other, there is a series of hills with floating clouds. Coming here, no one can forget the Hon Ba Mountain, Kin Mountain, Cam stream, Moc stream, Vay Rong (Dragon Scales) spring, Man, Dong Mam villages, Lan Loc island ...

Cam Son lake is like a mini Halong Bay in the morning
The area of the lake is up to 3,000 ha and 25 km long, the widest area is 7 km, but the narrowest iss only a few dozen meters. The early morning on Cam Son Lake is very peaceful. Looking down from above, it looks like a flat mirror.

Boating on the lake, the pure steam float in the air making visitors feel truly refreshed. Many people want to get up really early to breathe in the atmosphere of the river and mountains that glow with the hustle of villagers calling each other to go to village fair.

Children go to school by rowing basket boat
If coming here in lychee season, you will see the men, women to carriy lychee from the rolling hills into the boats. Just standing alone from a distance, you can see the immense red covering the hills. The small boats, canoes hurrily deliver ripen lytchee to the markets. The farmers and merchants are like to take part in a quiet race with dawn to keep the most beautiful color of the fresh fruit. The morning in Cam Son is nicer with this normal life space.

Lytchee is a famous specialty of Luc Ngan, Bac Giang
But then, there are those who fall in love, even be obsessed that Cam Son Lake is the most beautiful in sunset because the lake is surrounded by mountains and hills intertwined like cobwebs. Therefore, depending on the time of the sunset, some places will be illuminated while some are not. The observant people can recognize and enjoy the this rare “ink painting”.

Cam Son lake in sunset
However, this is not all the beauty of the afternoon on Cam Son lake . You should sit in the boat and drift from the immense place to the narrowest one. There are tall giant and ancient trees along the lakesides and the reeds hovering water. Water is chillingly green, but people feel like they are sitting on clouds because steam begins rising.

On the other hand, many tourists coming to Cam Son probably never forget the night on the lake. In Cam Son, electricity has not been available in many places; therefore, seating in a canoe, gliding on the river, tourists will absolutely have pure and peaceful feelings, just themselves with the immense sky.

Cam Son has many hundreds of meter deep areas; however, tourists are not scared when sitting on the boats, because the beauty of the lake has overweighed and took occupied the fear. The night sky has thousands of the stars and the full moon shinning in a cool night. Sometimes, the moon is obscured or hidden by a small island or just a branch of the tree, and the traveler may feel nervous when seeing the moon but like making a date with the lover for the first time.

The water evaporates making the lake look mysterious
The sky is beautiful, the water is also equally poetic. The simple people will think that the dark has nothing nice, but it is not true. If you have the opportunity to spend the night on the lake, you should try to boat down the lake, and put the palm on the water. Yes, the dark mist is as the tiny toothpicks touching the skin, and when slight moving the hand in water, you may feel like you are cleaning all the dust of life.

The Most Beautiful Moments on Cam Son Lake

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