3 Reasons to Visit the Kyaiktiyo Pagoda

Located 180km towards Southern of Yangon metropolis in Myanmar, Kyaiktiyo Pagoda or Golden Rock is always regarded as one of sacred attractions that any devout Burmese people or even travelers should visit once in a lifetime. So, why anyone cannot miss out on coming to this pagoda? Our post will surely help you to find out.

1. Its spiritual symbolism is stronger than its physical features

Day by day, the Kyaiktiyo Pagoda - a enormous golden rock which is under a tiny pagoda owns the height of total 5.5 m and defies gravity thanks to a Buddha’s hair. No matter if you are Christian, Muslim, atheist or agnostic, you also have the right to whether believe myths or not. The point here is that the holy land for Buddhists does exist. So divine is the symbolism that myriads of not only Burmese citizens but also foreigners come there every year to be capable of feeling closer to Buddha by only touching hand to this scared rock.

2. Admiring breathtaking scenes of sunrise - sunset

How great it would be when spending your leisure time waiting for the romantic scenery of sunrise and listening to the pagoda wake up in a peaceful atmosphere. In addition, the golden rock also shines in all its glamour during the sunset. That is the reason why a  trip  to  this pagoda will  not  be completed  without  an afternoon  admiring the sun gradually dyes  the  sky by rainbow’s colors.

Make sure you bring your own camera as this is an amazing sight both in day and night time. Or you can check out our photography tour here: http://myanmarprivateholidays.com/tours/myanmar-photography-tours/ to freely enjoy your trip with more and more photo opportunities.

3. An ideal destination for hiking

Normally, the bulk of people have a tendency for going to the top of Mount Kyaiktiyo by bus from the village situated at its bottom in order to save their energy and time. However, if you are a loyal fan of breathtaking adventures, there is also alternative way for you having sense of hiking. 16km walking on foot up to the top which takes approximately 4 hours will certainly let you experience hard-to-forget moments.

Of course, regardless of exhausted feeling from your hiking trip, you easily have a chance to meet so many pilgrims who are hiking on barefoot along the way. Noticeably, passing by small villages whose inhabitants earn a living by offering water, food and souvenirs to these pilgrims will refresh your mood.

Taking a trip to Myanmar, you should pick up a tour which combines several well-known cities including Yangon to visit. For more exciting experiences about Burmese tourist industry with a professional style in services, Belmond Orcaella Cruise or Irrawaddy Explorer Cruise will be the best for you.

5 Must-See Historical Sites near Hanoi Old Quarter

Hanoi Old Quarter is one of the favorite destinations for tourists when they come to Vietnam. However, there is a wide range of must-see historical sites around this area that allow you to learn more about history and culture of this beautiful country. Here is the top 5 suggestions that you might need for your excursions in Vietnam.

Quan Chuong Gate

Located in the shortest road in Hanoi, Quan Chuong Gate is a must-known historical site when you reach the area of Hanoi Old Quarter. Quan Chuong, dating back to 18th century, is one of 21 gates in total of the ancient Thang Long Citadel, which leads to Red River Dykes and the outskirt areas of Hanoi. In the past, there was a thick wooden door which was closed at night and opened in the early morning by the barracks. Quan Chuong Gate is the only existing of its kind in Hanoi, which has been suffering from a wide range of intense battles in war time, but still remaining its architectural beauty and features marking a memorable period of Vietnamese history.

Long Bien Bridge

Constructed in the late 19th and early 20th century by French architects, Long Bien Bridge is considered as another outstanding symbol as well as a historical landmark of Hanoi. Being one of the main roads for local people in the outskirt of Hanoi to come to the city center, the bridge plays an important role to both local life and traffic in the city. Visiting the bridge, you might not leave it without taking some pictures of the massive appearance just like an old giant steel dragon hanging on the majestic Red River. From there, you will have a chance to admire the biggest river in Northern Vietnam that surrounds and protects the city for thousands years, as well as observe some rural villages, corn fields, rice paddies in Red river delta.

Tran Quoc Pagoda

If you are interested in architecture and design of ancient pagoda in Vietnam, then paying visit to the oldest pagoda in Hanoi is a must. Tran Quoc is located on the bank of the biggest lake in Hanoi, It is widely well-known by tourist for its unique architecture and long-term sacredness. Once arrived there, you might be amazed by a harmonious combination of nature, architect and religion, which allows you to comfortably explore the traditional customs of Vietnamese pilgrims as well as the development of Buddhism in Vietnam.

Hoa Lo Prison

Located in the self-titled street, Hoa Lo prison is quite close for you to extend your knowledge of the Vietnamese Wars. Built in the late 1890s by the French, Hoa Lo is the place where thousands of Vietnamese political prisoners were captured, badly treated and executed in the past. Although mostly things have changed, visiting the prison offers you the chance to understand more about the extremely horrible time that Vietnamese prisoners had to suffer by witnessing a wide range of private exhibits and documents from the prison.

One-pillar Pagoda

Situated at the heart of Ho Chi Minh Complex, One-pillar Pagoda is one of the oldest Buddhist temples in Vietnam. The pagoda, dating back to eleventh century, has a unique architectural style modeling from Lotus flower and is considered as another beautiful symbol of Hanoi. According to many travelers worldwide, this sure is one of tiniest but most beautiful pagodas in their Indochina holiday packages.

➤ There are many other charming destinations in Hanoi waiting to be discovered, feel free to check out our Hanoi Tours

Things to Do in Mekong Delta in 3 days

Go to Floating Markets
If you have only 3 days to explore Mekong Delta, then you will have to pay a visit to one of the most popular signatures in Mekong Delta - floating market.
Once arrived at the area, you will see a similar bustling scene like other markets in Vietnam. However, you will soon realize that all of the shops are floated on Mekong River and the only vehicle is rustic bamboo boat. There are thousands of boats full of people and goods of all types including tropical fruits, vegetables, flowers, local specialties, pets, foods and drinks. An easy-to-realize thing is that most of the shops here have to hang signs on their boats so customers can know what they’re selling. A trip to floating market will offer you the chance to extend your knowledge of the simple life of people in Mekong Delta as well as the strangely close-knit relationship among members in the family. Furthermore, you can discover a diverse culinary culture here by tasting some local specialties on bamboo-boat-shops and grab some coconut whenever you are thirsty.

Discover Mekong Delta Waterways
Another essential thing to see for 3 days is the unique waterways of Mekong Delta. Mekong River is divided into a lot of branches when flowing through Vietnam, which creates a ridiculously interlaced system of rivers and canals that you will not see often in your country. Although the boat trip does not waste so much time, you will have a chance to learn more about this region, especially the life of local people. Cruising deeply into Mekong Delta allows you to see the real houses of the locals, their simple jobs to earn a living and their activities to relax.
Things to do in mekong delta 2

See Tropical fruit gardens
Mekong Delta is widely famous for the best tropical fruits in Vietnam. Therefore, a trip to see these huge gardens will be really interesting. You will have a chance to come to a local fruit garden, meet the owners and taste the freshest fruits in their garden.
Things to do in mekong delta 3

Cruise on Mekong River
If you have only 3 days in this peaceful area, you should not skip Mekong River cruises to enjoy a spectacular scenic trip  and luxurious services from outstanding names such as Jahan crusise, Jayavarman cruise, Mekong princess etc. This is another good chance for you to understand more about Mekong Delta culture and history.
Things to do in mekong delta 4

Things to Do in 2 Days in Mandalay, Myanmar

The best time to visit the former capital of Myanmar – Mandalay is from January to March when the weather is cool and less chance of raining. Here are things to see and do in Mandalay for your 2-day itinerary.

Day 1: Discover the Best of Mandalay

The 4 not – to – be – missed sites in Mandalay are Mahamuni Pagoda, U Bein bridge, Sagaing hill and the former capital of Inwa. These attractions can be reached by taxi. If you travel in group, the price can be negotiated to 50 USD for a ride from morning until noon.

Mahamuni Pagoda

Built in 1784, Mahamuni pagoda contains a gigantic golden statue taken from Mark U, Raskhine state. The image is said to be one of 5 likenesses of Buddha (2 in India, other 2 in paradise and 1 in Mahamuni paya), having the weight of 5 tons with the height of 4m. The image has the thick layer of gold leaf in the body for people apply it to pay respect to the Buddha, but only men devotees can do it according to the strict rules of Burmese Buddhism. Moreover, you will have a chance to witness the daily washing ritual practiced by the senior monk. 

U Bein Bridge – The Perfect Spot to Watch Burmese’s Sunrise

In 1800, U Bein bridge was constructed with thousands of teak planks and 1,086 pillars crossing the shallow lake Taungthaman. It is not only the longest teak bridge in the world with the length of 1,2km but also the perfect spot to catch the miracle sunrise and sunset of Myanmar. What is more wonderful than to enjoy the most inspiring moment of the day than in the tranquil atmosphere of U Bein Bridge.

Sagaing Hill – The Home of Burmese Gods

20km to the Southwest of Mandalay lies the magnificent Sagaing hill which is called “the home of Burmese gods”. To get to the peak, tourists will have to climb 1km of stairs among the greenery forest. When reach to the top, the panorama of the site appears in the most impressive way with the elegant Irrawaddy river running at the foot of the hill and hundreds of white and gold temples and monasteries dotted all over the verdant area.

Inwa – The Forgotten Capital of Burma

Situated in the meeting point of the Ayeyarwaddy, the famous river for Luxury Myanmar River Cruises and Myitnge river, Inwa – the ancient capital of Burma immerses in the quiet and peaceful atmosphere. The only way to get to this area is by boat, 1USD for a return trip. When you arrive in Inwa, horse cart will be your main means of transport running between the highlights such as the Bagaya Kyang monatery, Shwedigon pagoda and Nanmyin tower. Each horse cart can carry 3 people which cost only 8 dollars for a ride.

Mandalay Royal Palace

The Mandalay citadel is an enclosed architecture surrounded by walls and motes which creates an impressive view from the outside. Hence, most of the constructions inside were rebuilt after the destruction of the WW II. You can spend sometimes strolling around the complex and enjoy the majestic buildings of the long gone era.

Day 2: Overwhelmed by the beauty of Mingun’s vestiges

How to Get There

There are 2 ways to get to Mingun: by boat and by motorbike. Travelling by motorbike will take a lot of time and effort. Boat, on the other hand, is recommended for the comfort and less – time consuming. Furthermore, you will have a great view over the riverbanks and their monuments from the craft. Boat to Mingun usually sets sail at 9a.m and returns at 1p.m. The journey takes 1 hour to arrive in Mingun. If you want to spend more time exploring the heritages, you can charter a boat for a higher price.

When in Mingun, ox-cart will take you around the sites for 5 dollars.

Mingun Pahtodawgyi

Visible from the bank of the Irrawaddy river is the enormous but unfinished monument of Mingun – Mingun Pahtodawgyi. It was meant to be the biggest red brick Buddhist building in the world if finished with the expected height of 150m. In 1838, a big earthquake hit the place destroying a part of the site.  Mingun Pahtodawgyi now still attracts a lot of tourists coming to admire its magnificent look and also the huge crack in the surface.

Mingun Bell

Not far from the Pahtodawgyi pagoda is the second biggest bell in the world – Mingun Bell. It has the weight of 90 tons casting for Myatheindan pagoda but never been used.  

Hsinbyume Temple

The all - white temple – Hsinbyume is another must seen heritage in Mingun. It has the unique design which is different from almost Buddhist constructions in Myanmar with 7 waving terraces representing for 7 mountains surrounded the holy mountain Meru (a sacred symbol in Buddhism). In the entrance stand 2 Chinthe statues (half lion, half dragon) which are known as the guardians of the river.

=> Not only Mandalay, Myanmar still hides its own values in each destination you arrive. Consider our Myanmar holiday packages to have a complete discovery in this country or take a look at our best cruises in Myanmar like Anawrahta Cruise for outstanding experience in your trip in this country.

Tips for Awesome European Vacations

Do you have a trip to Europe on your bucket list? Planning for such a huge trip can be both exciting and overwhelming. If this is your first trip to Europe the possibilities for sight-seeing and accommodations are truly only limited by your imagination. There are however, several key points to address prior to booking your flights and accommodations in order for your trip to truly be a success. Follow these recommendations from travel professionals and travel agents to ensure your trip is full of amazing memories to last a lifetime.

Tips for Awesome European Vacations

The first step is to confirm your passport expiration dates. If you are applying for a new passport or renewing an existing passport, allow for at least two to three months processing times. Appointments to complete applications can be made at your local post office. Keep in mind that many European countries require at least ninety days remaining prior to expiration after the date of return on your round trip airline ticket. Unless you have a VISA to stay longer than ninety days, as a US citizen, you must purchase a roundtrip ticket. Keep this in mind as you begin preparations for your trip.

Next, check with your cell phone carrier on data packages that are available in the countries you have selected to visit. If you do not arrange for a plan in advance, even if available, daily data access charges can be prohibitively expensive. Another option is to purchase a SIM card in each country on your itinerary upon arrival. SIM cards are prepaid data cards that are exchanged for your existing SIM card in your smart phone. Confirm that your phone has the ability to accept an interchangeable data card. Purchasing SIM cards in each country is recommended to be your last choice as this can be very time consuming, expensive and cumbersome. Be aware that free WiFi hotspots are now nearly as common in Europe as in the United States.

Head to your local bank branch and order Euros. While credit cards are widely accepted in larger establishments and most hotel chains, many smaller vendors only accept cash. Europe is still much more of a cash economy than the United States. Exchange rates at your local bank will be much more favorable than those in the local train stations and airport Exchange Kiosks.

Finally, it’s time to book your flights and accommodations. Its strongly recommended to fly in and out of one of the major European capitals on the continent and make your country to country excursions from there. Take advantage of the awesome deals Groupon coupons offers through Priceline on airline rates, hotel accommodations and packages. Pack your best walking shoes as European cities are very pedestrian friendly and you’ll be racking up the miles on this great European adventure. Best of luck to you on planning for a trip that will be full of memories to last a lifetime!

Vinpearl Safari and Vinpearl Land – The “Must-see” in Phu Quoc

When you arrive in Phu Quoc, don’t forget to check-in at Vinpearl Safari and Vinpearl Land! Surely you will not be disappointed because these are really attractive attractions to enjoy summer in Phu Quoc.

Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc - the first wild zoo in Vietnam

For the first time, Vietnam has an animal care and conservation park built according to the Safari model popular throughout the world. This place is the gathering place for hundreds of rare animal species and diverse flora, from various geographic areas. Located in the Bai Dai (Long beach) area, northwest of Phu Quoc island, Vinpearl Safari has more than 2,000 individuals, representing more than 150 species of rare animals from around the world.

The open zoo, the home of rare wildlife, is designed with a moat surrounding it, creating a harmonious environment with nature, bringing both true and lively views to visitors. 

With three publicly-planned bird gardens, flamingos, flutes and flamingoes' charms ... visitors will experience a special voyage, returning to nature to rejoice in the lively life of the animals at the peaceful Open Zoo.

Spread across vast areas with rich plant systems, each subdivision of Safari Vinpearl is a different habitat, ensuring that the species is biocompatible. Here, visitors can sit on a dedicated bus to see firsthand the lions, hunters, rhinos, zebras ... through a glass.

In addition, visitors can take photos with many friendly animals and Zulu dance of the Zulu - the largest tribe in South Africa ...

Nothing more interesting than taking a glimpse of the moment the lions playing with hay, the giraffes wandering through the streets, the rhinoceros lurking beneath the muddy lagoon, or the water antelope suddenly listening to the sound of lion - "Lord of the forest" roaring in the corner of the forest ... The open living space here has created conditions for species to show their distinctive behavior and give visitors an opportunity to experience their true wildlife.

Fun is not limited in the 'entertainment paradise' Vinpearl Land

Indoor - outdoor play area

The amusement park has a wide variety of games, which are suitable for a variety of ages. Beside the hi-tech game area such as 3D virtual world games, fairy garden ... there is also a large 5D movie room with capacity of hundreds of people promising to bring. You have fun and unique entertainment services.

Built on the application of technology from Germany, Argentina, Italy ... outdoor game area of Vinpearl Phu Quoc will certainly attract and make you feel curious and desire to conquer, assert bravery and courage.

Enjoy the music and water performance

If you have ever admired and enjoyed the art of water music, you will not be able to forget the melody of the music that seems to be made of water and light. The mix of sound, water and light becomes a wonderful, unique, emotional and sublime performance. Come to Vinpearl Phu Quoc, you will enjoy the water music performances which are so splendid, magical and extremely special. The program takes place in two time frames of 19h and 20h.

Explore the aquarium

Dubbed as a miniature ocean, Vinpearl Phu Quoc aquarium has long become an attractive destination, a strange attraction for all visitors to visit and play. Here you will admire hundreds of species of marine life from all over the world, divided into separate areas such as fresh water, saltwater or reptile. In addition, exciting shows such as the beautiful mermaid's performance or the fish show will also be held daily in this beautiful aquarium.

And for the first time in Vietnam, you will witness the fastest swimming penguin in the world - Gentoo! With its large body and cute trot, this cute penguin is so easy to make tourists think they are a slow species. Aquarium opening hours are from 9am to 9pm.

Enjoy playing in the water park

Vinpearl Phu Quoc Water Park is a complex of beaches and a variety of fun, fun and powerful underwater games for all ages. In the midst of the vast space of water, you will burn your energy with games, experiences, endless joys.

With games that can not be ignored, such as the Tornado Cyclone, the super slider, the multi-lane slider, and so on, you'll definitely have an unforgettable experience. Opening hours of water park from 9h to 18h.

Enjoy delicious food at the food court

Lying on the main road leading to the entertainment paradise Vinpearl Phu Quoc, food street will be a place where you can relax and enjoy the delicious food. The Food Street is comprised of two restaurant chains serving different cuisines to satisfy the culinary needs of the most demanding guests, including the Yummy Land restaurant and the Deli Land restaurant.

Especially, the 3-star restaurant is located next to the romantic and lyrical Venice River, serving Vietnamese, Northern and Central Vietnamese dishes and delicious tea dishes in the homeland. Here you can enjoy delicious food according to your taste. In the airy space, youcan enjoy the delicious food and can feel the romantic Venice river.

Why not Myanmar – Beautiful Landscape and Unique Culture?

Forget the bustling atmosphere of Thailand or Singapore. Myanmar deserves you to take the time to contemplate it.

Asia is home to many wonders and a series of beautiful scenery, no less than European. For tourists, long time ago, famous landmarks such as Thailand, Singapore ... is always a favorite tourist destination. But most of all, when you visit such famous places, you have to live fast, have to hurry, follow the treadmill of the big urban development ... So have you ever tried to live slowly in an Asian country yet? If not, then come to Myanmar through the photo set below.

Tam Bui's photography as soon as publishing has gained a lot of attention from netizens, especially those who love Asian countries and bacpacking. With its sadness, unique angles and artistic color, Burma is a land of mystery that anyone should take the time to visit and experience.

This trip lasts for 12 days, passing through Myanmar's many exotic destinations such as Yangon, Inle Lake, Bagan, Goteik viaduct ... The journey is summarized as follows: Take a bus from Yangon to Inle Lake. Stay here for 3 days. Then, spend another three days to visit Bagan. For the remaining 3 days, he explored Mandalay. The total cost for the trip is nearly 700 USD, excluding procurement costs.

To Burma, you do not need book hotel in advance. Go to the central area and find a room. Prices will be lower when you are far from the market, far from the center or on the road. To get the best deal, check out the list of Lonely Planet hotels and guest houses.

And because Myanmar is a Buddhist country, you should pay close attention to your costumes and gestures. One important thing is that you avoid touching, do not point fingers at the Buddha, absolutely keep silent when going to temples.

This is the second time Tam Bui came to Burma. Two years ago, in Burma, something was old. But now, things change so fast. Burma is more modern, has very fast 3G network, a highway from the airport to Yangon city was constructing. However, the simplicity of the people, the essence of the people are still intact, and that is what impressed the photographer.

According to his own share, the image that appeals to him most in this land is the bluish temples in Burma blurred in the early sunshine, the balloons flying slowly over the background of a flourishing age which has passed. In addition to the beautiful scene, the sincerity and kindness of the descendants was also something that kept him staying with Burma. "What a wonderful country," he exclaimed.
Now, let's take a look at the whole collection of "Slow Life in Burma" by Tam Bui.

Ta Xua Cloud Hunt : A Unique Experience in Vietnam

Surrounded by majestic mountains and an immense blue sky, Ta Xua, Bac Yen commune, Son La province, seized the title of the cloud paradise in Vietnam. Thus, it is without dispute an ideal destination for pack backers who are engrossed with mountain admiration and exploration, and photographers who love capturing the extraordinary scenes and moments of nature in the northeast of the country. 

To reach this amazing destination from Ha Noi, we have to follow a 200-kilometer route through Son Tay - Ha Trung - Thu Cuc along the National Highway 32, then turn to the National Highway 37 featuring tough steep slopes. Especially, on the way from the center of Bac Yen district to Ta Xua commune, pack backers have to conquer the continuous bending pass roads. Moreover, it is really challenging to go down the road that has some landslides after the heavy rain or offers unclear scenery in foggy days. In other words, the routes to Ta Xua is only recommended for those who have the strong courage and skillful driving.

Setting foot in Ta Xua means that you are standing at an altitude of 1,500 to 1,700 meters. In foggy and cloudy days, if you stand at the peak of a mountain in Ta Xua, you might feel as if the earth and the sky touched each other. Meanwhile, in sunny days, Ta Xua features itself as a majestic landscape photo created by the mother nature.

Featuring the cool weather all year round, Ta Xua is undoubtedly an ideal spot for those who love exploring and taking photos. At the height of 1,500 meters above sea level,  its temperature never exceeds 28 degrees Celsius during the day, and drops to 17-18 degrees Celsius in the early morning in summer. In winter, the temperature is 5-7 degrees lower than that in the lowland, even it decreases to below 0 degrees Celsius and appears frost and snow during long-lasting spell of cold weather.

Visiting this charming mountainous area, tourists definitely greet the “one-of-all-kind” sunrise when the sun appears like a fire halo slowly emerging out of the sea of white clouds. It promises to be a heart-meltening moment  that tourists enjoy, or at least, grasp pictures. All valleys in Ta Xua are surrounded by spectacular mountains which the cloud hangs over the peak.

We have been to Ta Xua several times for the purpose of cloud hunting. Unlike clouds in Y Ty, Sapa, Sin Ho, Tam Dao,.. the clouds in Ta Xua could gather for a long time. Therefore, travelers definitely feel free to enjoy this exhilarating scene from the early morning until 11-12 a.m. When it is drizzling and the temperature difference between daytime and nighttime is high, Ta Xua forms many clouds. Standing at the peak of a mountain from 6 to 7 a.m, you would certainly witness the breath-taking scene that the whole valley is bathed in sea of clouds in just a few minutes. How wonderful!

Ta Xua is home to mainly the ethnic Mong (H’mong) group. According to local authorities, the number of Mong people accounted for 90% of the population of Ta Xua Commune. The Mong minority in the northwestern part of the country have settled high mountains for thousands of years. The H'mong people in Ta Xua use wood and clay to build their house, which is situated on the cliffs. These houses are low, covered by cement roofing sheets and spreads across an area of 20 – 30 square meters. Noticeably, the front of the house heads out to the cloud paradise to pick up fresh air.

In addition to the cultivation of terraced rice fields, the locals of Ta Xua have 500 natural ancient tea trees. Interestingly, they are all aged hundreds of years. The girls of the Mong often process tea leaves for sale. The tea leaves are collected in high mountains and fresh and fragrant after being brewed. One thing interesting that the “family” method of tea leaves processing is only taught to the daughter.

In spite of the lack of physical setting and difficulties in life, the Mong people in Ta Xua are always optimistic. More importantly, they have been preserving and conserving the traditional culture. Young girls still wear their splendid traditional costume at home or local markets. Significantly, if you visit Ta Xua, you should give “dating destination”, the limestone cliff edge stretching out the mountain a try. This is the dating place of young men and women who are at the age of settling down of the Mong group. 

In Ta Xua, the family often work on the steep slopes of the mountain. Every day, the children are energetic to go through the tough trail to get to the school. Their strong effort and will are really admirable.

The 8 Best Hotels in Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Featuring the luxury, comfort and convenience of affordable prices, the following 8 resorts and hotels promise to be ideal places of stay for tourists visiting the Western region, Vietnam.

Ben Tre Riverside Resort, Ben Tre

Ben Tre Riverside Resort is characterized by the harmonious combination of the creativity of architecture and charming natural beauty of the romantic Ham Luong River. The resort offers modern conveniences, Hoang Lam Luxury restaurant, and Ham Luong eco-tourism site.

Staying at the resort, tourists definitely have unforgettable experiences, enjoy the fresh air, watch the heart – melting sunset at Ham Luong River in the late afternoon. Sounds amazing! Additionally, visitors can savor tasteful specialties of the Southern region, or even hear the local boats (Do) moving on the river.

Victoria Hotel, Chau Doc

Victoria 4 - star hotel, Chau Doc promises to provide tourists with interesting experiences luxury services that are often offered by luxury resorts.

Ideally located on the banks of the calm Hau River, Chau Doc City, An Giang Province, Chau Doc Victoria Hotel is considered as a small oasis floating at the river. The hotel is characterized by the colonical French architecture and the perfect harmony of the natural surroundings.

The hotel is currently offering a total of 92 rooms, of which 4 luxurious Suites has wooden floor and river or city views. The design of each room is the harmonious mixture of traditional Vietnamese values and the charm of world architecture during the colonial period.

Airy space of the rooms definitely make tourists comfortable and relaxed when staying at the hotel. To fully enjoy the stunning scenery, you might lean on the window to sip a cup of coffee, watch the boatmen slowly handling the boat on the river, and enjoy the tranquility and peace of the calm river all year round.

Forever Green Resort, Ben Tre

The high-class Forever Green Resort is distinctly designed and built following the famous chain of resort systems in the United States. Spreading across an area of up to 21 hectares, Phu khuong Hamlet, Phu Tuc Village, Chau Thanh Commune, the resort offers hotels, bungalows, restaurants, spas, conference room, Karaoke room, performances of local traditional arts named “Don Ca Tai Tu” singing together, etc.

Forever Green Resort provides various kinds of services and activities, including 4 tours of traveling on the river, gardens exploration tours, (3 gardens in the resort), traditional games, children's playground, etc. Therefore, it promises to satisfy the needs of all visitors, from those who travel alone to those who get there with family.

Moreover, the resort grasps the attention of tourists by distinguishing features, a vegetable fruit, and aloe vera gardens for the main purpose of self-sufficiency. You also have a chance to experience local enjoyable games that exclude staying at the bungalow and walking on foot bridge.

Muong Thanh Luxury Hotel, Can Tho

Built in 2015, Muong Thanh Luxury Hotel, Can Tho is housed on Cai Khe bank, Ninh Kieu District, 10km from Can Tho International Airport. In addition to luxury design, the hotel features 300 rooms of modern conveniences that meet the international standards of a 5 – star hotel. Therefore, it promises to provide tourists with a full relaxation and unforgettable vacation alike. Standing at the window of the hotel, travelers definitely greet the first rays of sunshine in the early morning on the romantic Hau River and enjoy the impressive Can Tho Bridge.